The Sariska National Park Tour

The Sariska National park makes for an Ideal weekend getaway from Delhi and Jaipur.

Spread over an area of 800 sq km, the park is among the most visited national parks in the region. The park is a favourite among wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.The Aravali Hills make an attractive backdrop for the Tiger Reserve – the area has dispersed sections of steep cliffs, rocky mountains, and deciduous forests. It is believed that during the rule of Chauhan Dynasty, Sariska used to be the hunting preserve of the Alwar royals before being declared a Wildlife Sanctuary.

One can expect a unique nature reserve, seeped in features unique to its geography and to the effects of time, that of its royal history and the modern issues of poaching and the ensuing measures. Located in Rajasthan, it has mostly dry deciduous forests and thorny arid vegetation, unusual for a bustling hub of biodiversity. Also, there are major historical landmarks, palaces and temples, that speak of its significance during the reign of the local Rajput kings and Mughals that the guests would be interested in.

The Gandharva,Village Maluthana,Alwar, Rajasthan

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